Quartz or Rock Crystal

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Color range: colorless and transparent

Value:  Varies by variety. Most are common or very common, such as quartz crystals, carnelian quartz, milky quartz, leopard quartz, blue quartz, and smoky quartz. Three types of quartz are rare and beautiful enough to hold greater value, and those three are dragonfire quartz, asterfire quartz, and rainbow quartz.

Many kinds of quartz exist in Elanthia, each with its own unusual appearance and quirks. Color is the primary matter that differentiates the varieties of quartz: carnelian quartz is primarily orange to red, citrine quartz is lemon yellow, rose quartz is blush pink, blue quartz is a striking robin's-egg color, smoky quartz is grey with a possible hint of violet, and milky quartz is white. Cat's-eye quartz is grey and black with a distinctive silver line that results in its name. Rainbow quartz contains every color in wide, even stripes. Amethyst is said to be the purple variety of quartz, but its lore is addressed in its own category, as is the lore of rock crystal.

Various types of quartz are located all across Elanthia.

According to sylvan lore, blue quartz is found at the top of the sky, and it is a sacred stone to the greater spirit Jaston. After his death in the Ur-Daemon War, Jaston was returned to life by the permission of Lorminstra and the will of Imaera, and Imaera had given six marvelous white-feathered wings to him. Imaera charged him to be the patron of birds and the caretaker of the Four Winds, but, before he took on these duties, the Arkati permitted him to go and speak with his people, who were awed by the wondrous transformation. Seeing his wings, a sylvan child asked him what lay at the top of the sky, and the spirit promised to find out. He flew so high that they could not see him, and he did not return for six days. When he came back, he bore a piece of quartz in his hand that was just as blue as the sky, and he gave it to the child, telling her, "This is at the top of the sky." Seeing the stone's beauty, other children asked for similar pieces of quartz, and, the sylvans say, Jaston has never forgotten them -- from time to time, he will go to the top of the sky and bring back more blue quartz, scattering it through the world for children's delight.

Halflings of the Shirelands enjoy scaring each other around a late-night fire with a story about a carved carnelian dragon that came to life and ate livestock. As a general rule, however, halflings consider carnelian quartz to be an ill-luck stone and prefer not to wear it. In particular, the Paradis seem to draw some association between carnelian and demon-summoning, although the Faendryl have never found any such connection (to the annoyance of many experimenters) and dismiss the matter as foolish superstition.

Halflings also attribute a number of powers to rose quartz, but these are beneficial rather than malicious. Supposedly, carrying a rose quartz crystal or wearing a rose quartz amulet engraved with a wildflower will bring you true love, and giving a piece of rose quartz jewelry to someone that you love will place them under Oleani's protection so long as the person wears it. Human stone-tenders also attribute benign power to rose quartz; they use it to restore lost blood, to lessen bruising, and to mend cuts and scratches.

Citrine quartz is sometimes called "Grandfather's stone" or, alternately, "folly's stone." This dates to a young Illistim alchemist's discovery that, when sufficiently heated, amethyst will transform into citrine. In usefulness, this was considered to be a feat akin to transforming gold into lead, as amethyst is deemed more valuable and attractive than citrine. The young alchemist held the knowledge-hungry Fash'lo'nae as his patron, but he was studying with a master who preferred the ways of the wise Arkati Lumnis. According to the story, when the master alchemist came by to see the apprentice's progress, he stared at the chunk of citrine and slowly said, "My student, just because you _can_ does not mean that you _should_." Disgusted by his master's rejection of his discovery, the student determined to find three useful things about citrine, which he did. First, he discovered that citrine, being attuned to the element of fire, is particularly useful for holding a warming enchantment that will fend off the cold of Whistler's Pass. Second, he discovered that citrine may be used to divine destructive impulses in others. Third, although his master was unimpressed, the apprentice discovered that humans are quite superstitious about eye-cut citrines. Possessing a distinct sadistic streak, he was quite pleased about the stories of the "man with an eye of yellow fire" that followed his travels in human lands. In Phannus, where divination is practiced with the greatest skill in the Turamzzyrian Empire, cat's-eye quartz is said to divine malice and danger. If worn by someone with the proper sensitivity, it will grow cold and tingle when in the presence of an enemy. Rangers and worshippers of Andelas who hail from Seareach are particularly prone to carrying the jewel.

Smoky quartz is favored by the Grishnkel Wolf Clan, and many of these giantmen will wear small wolf talismans carved from smoky quartz in addition to their traditional glaes armbands. Smoky quartz is said to help people blend into the shadows and to avoid detection. It is nicknamed the "stone of spies" in the Turamzzyrian Empire. Diviners say that smoky quartz will assist in revealing the presence of deception, but not its nature.

The Wendwillow gnomes know a peculiar story regarding leopard quartz. According to the story, there once was a leopard that was delighted to see another leopard when he looked in a puddle. He wanted to play with the other leopard, but, when he pawed at the pool, the other leopard ran away. The leopard was very disappointed, and he searched all over the world to find his leopard friend. Again and again, the first leopard found the second leopard in puddles and pools, but the other leopard always ran away when the first leopard tried to play. One day, however, the first leopard came to a place where the dwarves had been mining quartz, and he saw the second leopard in the polished surface of a quartz vein. The leopard ran over to greet his friend, and, instead of colliding with the rock, he passed straight into the quartz. This turned the quartz all spotty. Somewhere inside any piece of leopard quartz, the two leopards are still playing together. Like most Wendwillow stories, it does not have a reliable moral, but the gnomes who retell it always seem pleased with the conclusion.

Quartz - rock crystal, the most common gem variety of quartz crystal, is, like all quartz, formed from the two most abundant elements in the earth's crust: silicon and oxygen. Quartz is colorless and transparent.  Other colors of quartz have special names such as: rose quartz, citrine, and amethyst

The name "quartz" comes from the Greek word "krustallos", meaning ice, because it was thought that quartz was ice formed by the gods.  The Chinese believed that rock crystal quenched thirst when held in the mouth.

Throughout history, quartz has been the common chameleon of gemstones, standing in for more expensive gemstones ranging from diamond to jade. But the incredible variety of quartz is now beginning to be appreciated for its own sake.

Using a gazing globe made out of rock crystal, future was foretold by magicians from all over the world.   Even now, many people believe that wearing quartz crystals benefits a person's health and spiritual well-being.